Lucas' Final Words

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ITS DONE, ALL DONE!!!! what a ride huh? So ok, as much as I did not get along with some of these people, like it or not, they all hold a very special close place in my heart. All 8 of you motherfuckers hahah...Aaralyn for that loud high pitched voice and our love affair LOL, Breanne for not EVER letting me fucking sleep at night and for being the bestest friend ever, Serah for her hilarious comebacks during arguments and her strong confident nature, Mike for his constant entertainment in the office and his ability to make light of any bad situation, Nick for being the gayest straight man and for being an awesome older brother figure to me, Faizahl for actually being the most insane person in America and for being very open and fun and finally Jarrod for transforming to most hated to most cared about and showing his true sensitive side! I love all of you! If the UOR7 tattoo we all got doesn't show true love and friendship then I don't know what the fuck does haha, but honestly I really enjoyed being part of this! Season 7 is kinda a huge deal!


Aaralyn's Final Words

There always has to be that slow last minute bitch who still hasn't finished packing and is nowhere near done and that happens to be me hahah so i can't write for too long. But the last three months have been an intense rollercoaster ride of emotions. I fell in love with a gay guy, had my car vandalized, had a street bitchout fest with some homeless crackhead, signed up and coming musical talent in Detroit, attended anger management and went to France. Yeaaa...this summer was kinda productive lol..But I'm gonna miss everyone SO SO much. The 8 of us went from hating each other's guts to loving one another so it just sucks that it has to end already. I'm returning home happy, fulfilled and just finally feel like I've done something with my life! Turning 21 in a couple of days and this experience is only the beginning to a new awesome life! Thanks UOR xoxoxo


Serah's Final Words

Since I've apparently come off as such a judgmental and self righteous jerk for a majority of the time here in Chicago, I want to take time out and just reflect on the good in each of my housemates:

Aary: Obvious best friend in the house, will remain amazing friends after today on forward, learned a shitload from you, you made me laugh, I really appreciated your presence in the house, you're wild, crazy and loud and just all around FUN, I love the shit out of you!

Luke: You southern hottie! haha, great listener, very loyal and open, true to yourself and who you are as a person which is so admirable, verrrrry sweet and caring, honest, positive energy and just very determined and hardworking! Love you boo!

Mikey: Funny funnnnny boy, you deserve your own sitcom! Down to earth, chill, big bro type! You and lauren are adorable together and I have nothing but the most respect for you and your morals in life!

Bre: Our rocky moments aside, I loved having you around in the house! you are very beautiful, smart, sassy and an amazing drunk hahah! I admire and applaud your journey and growth this summer and wish you all the best in continuing your path to being healthy. Continue to keep those boys drooling over you ;-)

Fai: We did not really get to know one another until the last couple weeks but even that I'm grateful for. The arguments were lame and petty and couldve been avoided. I love your high energy, optimistic outlook and approach to life, you're humorous carefree nature. I especially respected you in the whole incident with Aary and how you were the bigger one and allowed her to remain in the house..that took a lot of strength and heart and for that you are a good person :)

Nick: Oh nick, of course there had to be that one boy in the house that made me go nuts and make my emotions go flip flop but in the end I hate you. haha no, youre an awesome guy and
are incredibly intelligent, wise, witty and charming. Although we had awkward moments between us, I still value your friendship and hope to keep you in my life. keep making others smile!

Jar: Jarrod oh Jarrod..first and foremost I am very glad that you are alive and well and was able to make it through the trauma. I have grown to really like you and appreciate you. Yes we probably had the most differences and conflict in the house but in the end i finally got to see who Jarrod really is and where he is coming from. I just apologize for all the bad shit I said in the past and hopefully this could be a turning point. Just try and let people in more and be less abrassive and you will continue to go places and do great things!

This summer has been a life changing experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat. A quick thank you and appreciation to Q and Andrea for working with us at Windy city Records and really mentoring us. That job hands down was the most fun job ive EVER had and I really enjoyed it! I enjoyed it so much that I want to continue on in the music pr industry back in Nyc; truly rewarding! Thank everyone for supporting and seeking interest in our lives as well..even thanks to the assholes who made our lives here in Chicago a living hell; you ultimately made us stronger and helped make for more juicy moments for tv so you did more good than harm, lame asses...anyway for the final time, it's been fun!


Nicholas' Final Words

Is it really over? Already? Fuck YES! Dude, as sad as I really am, the one thing I can 100% say is that I am SO HAPPY to get the FUCK out of Chicago! Honestly this experience has been good and there have been a lot of fun moments but all in all, Chicago fucking sucks. Not the actual city but a major chunk of the people that inhabit it. I've never had to deal with as much hate and bullshit in my life than I have had in the last 3 months. Absolutely unneccesary. And that shit that happened to jarrod this past weekend, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!?! Granted jarrod was drunk and wasn't making the best decisions he had no right to get stabbed! That really shocked and scared the hell out of me. I never wanna relive that moment EVER in my life but I am just so relieved he is ok and alive. That incident really allowed Jar to become vulnerable, let his guard down and really for once open up and let us all in. For the first time I really saw how much good he had inside of him and how much he has been holding in. Despite our differences in the past, I love that guy and really do have a lot of respect for him. I love all of my roomates and was so lucky to spend my summer with em. Going back home a changed man, a more tolerant and patient man, a more optimistic and open guy, a more grateful man. Thank you all for watching and supporting :)


Breanne's Final Words

I honestly cannot begin to write a novel here because as cheesey as this sounds im really sad and do not want this to end. I just feel so numb and empty and just lost I guess.. I came here thinking yea it'd be fun and that I'd make a friend or two but never expected to meet such amazing people. Yea we fought all the time and hated the shit out of each other at different points throughout this journey but honestly I would not trade it all in for the life of me. I could not have asked for a better group of people to share this experience with. To Fai and Jarrod especially I'm so sorry for all the shit I said and I how I treated you two and instead of being judgemental I should have taken the time to really know and appreciate you. I'm glad the 8 of us all became super close in the end though. It would have been shitty to leave on a bad note but in the last 2 weeks since France, we really became a family. I love these people so much! To Jarrod again, I thank GOD you are ok and healthy after the incident. I have never been SO fucking scared in my life!! I can just say I'm glad justice is served and that guy has been caught and gotten what he deserved. I'm just so happy you are alive and well and here with us today! Also Luke, my baby, I love you so SO much, thank you for being an AMAZING friend in this house!!! I COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU! You were my partner in crime throughout all the craziness for sure and I love you for that. I'd say you and I have really grown together since May and have really figured out who we are and how to effectively deal with various issues in our lives...and to Aary honestly thanks a lot for all the caring and compassion you shown to me even when I was resistent. Youve helped me deal with this eating disorder and pushed me to seek help and because of that I am doing SO much better til this day! I want you to know that I will continue on in bettering my health and lifestyle and that I love you for all you have done. To the rest of my roomies, you guys are awesome and I will forever remember you and keep in touch! All my love season 7


Michael's Final Words

So that day has finally arrived...our last day in this house together. Everyone is all packed, well kinda, and just preparing to part ways later today. This experience for me personally has been pretty rewarding but def bittersweet. I had a lot of fun moments but it was fo sure accompanied by drama and crazy bullshit. I'm just glad the 8 of us went through it together and made it to the end. Finally coming around and dealing with things with lauren and the abortion and I'm beginning to feel a bit better about the situation rather than feelings of guilt and heartache. I love that girl and will continue on with an amazing relationship with her after my time here in Chicago. It'll be a long distance thing for another month or so then in October she is relocating to Indiana to be with me so I'm BEYOND excited about that!!! But yea, thanks UOR for letting me a part of this experience and I wish all my housemates the best of luck! I love each and every one of you cunts haha xo


Day 96: A Final Decision

So just about on my way to the clinic to go with Lauren to get the abortion done. Gonna make this quick but I just wanted to let off a little what was on my mind while waiting, therefore it might just sound like senseless blab. I don't know, I still cant help but feel guilty. Both Lauren and I talked this shit over and over til we were both blue in the face and eventually came to a mutual decision to abort the baby. I am 24 years old and in no way shape or form ready to take on the responsibilities that come along with being a father. Sure, it would be amazing to have that little creation that was derived from you and the one you love but I can wait a few more years for that feeling. It just would not be right and fair to the kid; I just want this event to be something I am 100% sure and excited about. I want there to be no doubt in my mind at all. Having doubts about your first born's birth, now how would that look? Exactly. This time around, unfortunately it was a mistake which both of us feel extremely bad about and this is the outcome. Can't turn back hands and change the future so only can worry about now and the future and we both feel that this is the right decision. Sure it'll still take some time before getting over the guilt and the heartache but I know it's for the best. Lauren is an amazing girl and I honestly love her and care about her so Much! I will be by her side no matter what and we are def in this together..thanks for listening

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Day 95: Reflections on France

Ay Yo, first blog since being back from beautiful south of france. So basically if you've never been, go to right this minute and book a ticket asap because that shit is truly unbelievable. SO GORGEOUS! Everything looks like it was painted and untouched, just simply amazing! We got back like 2 days ago Tuesday morning; surprisingly not jet lagged or anything like that and the flights were pretty bearable to my surprise. But yea, we stayed in an awesome hotel called Helios in Cote de'Azur (with the exception of Jarrod halfway through) where we once again were spoiled with all kind of free shit and services. UOR knows how to treat a man right!! But yea, throughout the course of the vacation we went to other parts of the South of France like St. Tropez and Cannes and did a whole lot of FUN FUN shit like tan at the nude beaches, go shopping, go to museums, attended crazy a list celeb filled parties, went wine tasting, ate at top of the line restaurants and more! Although I had a GREAT time, there were def moments where I was over it. As you all are well aware, mid way though our vacation shit got Very shaky among us and tensions and conflicts just couldnt cease any longer. Jarrod and I especially almost resorted to blows after a huge blowout involving Luke and a bunch of other crazy shit. At the time I wanted to fucking destroy Jarrod but now I can def say we're cool again and shit's back to normal. Thanks to that 2 day group intervention/therapy session, I think for the first time the 8 of us are all on fairly good terms. Much better than it was before. It sounded cheesey as hell and annoying prior but after the bonding/emotional activities that we had to partake in, I think we all took a lot out of it. Everyone was able to get all of their stress and feelings out in the open and just for once discuss it in an orderly manner without ripping each other to shreds. Now we're all civil and for once there is a sense of serenity in this fucking house lol...better later than never right?! But yea, overall dude the vacation was SWEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Under One Roof!

Nicky Boy
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WHATTTTTTTUPPPP SON! Woke up this morning, had NO clue what was in store...we got that BELOVED doorbell ring at approx 9! Mike, Nick and myself were eating breakfast in the kitchen and heard it then looked at each other mad puzzled, like who the fuck is that at the door at this time? Then LITERALLY in a matter of 2 secs the three of us turn from puzzled to complete happiness, im talkin complete Cheeessinn, cuz we knew what was in store. So I go to open the door and there are 8 Medium sized packages with our names on em and Im like FUCKKK YEAAAAA BITCH! Immediately Aaralyn makes a mad dash to the foyer cuz she musta heard the bell and knew what was in store too hahahahahaha funniest shit ever!! I never seen her move that fast lol. After calling out to the rest of the housemates we all opened the packages at the same time and I can say I'm the happiest mothafucka in the World right now. SOUTH OF FUCKIN FRANCE HERE I COME!!!! Ahhhhhhh SO SO SO nice over there, could they pick a better destination?!??!?!?!?!? UOR hooked us up pretty big this season LoL...first a dope job, NOW an even doper vacation...I'm pretty set hahaha. So we literally leave tonight at midnight so our asses got all day to pack and be up and outty...Dont warn me twice shit, going to pack NOW!!! lol, lata

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Day 84: Nick Babble..

I think this is probably my first ever drunk post throughout this whokle thing, let alone like my second post...yea they were on my ass for not postig more so I figure I'll just mega post in the last couple of weeks to shut em up tonight was cool..the 8 of us for first time in months went out as a whole and partied..hit up both Enclave and REDkiva. Both places were cool, despite the usual anti UOR bullshit, we were able to have fun. I drank way too much fro not eating much today so I decided to cut it kinda short and head back home with Aary. So now I'm here ..and kinda horny won't lie...HAH Aaralyn's here too...hmm., joke, joking but some female companionship, naked, sounds kinda ideal right now can't lie. I hope Mike is out getting hammered to clear his mind for a lil bit about this whole pregnancy stuff. I feel bad, I cant imagine having that tough deciison on whether or not to keep the baby. My heart goes out to both him and lauren but I know in te end theyll make the best decision for the both of them. I just want him to be happier at least, or try, since our days here are numbered. Kinda miss the goofy sarcastic cunt Mike ahaha but like I said I understand his stress currently and def feel sympathetic. Kids Wear those condoms and wear them good! Learn a lesson haha..ok I feel nauseous

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