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Day 56: Ain't No Shame in My Game

Whaaattup fools. havent written in this thing in a hot second so just checkin in to say hey and drop a little update. It is hot as a mothafucker out right now and humid as hell. I went out earlier with my boy Jason from work and Fai downtown and I swear I was about to pass out lol. Nah but we had fun, had some lunch, hung out by the beach, took photos, drank some beers, was nice and chill. Tonight theres some concert at Grant Park that Q is making us go too. There are 3 artists from our record co performing there tonight and we gotta first get our friends and shit to go, attend and get the crowd hyped, then interview some of the audience after the show to see what they thought, reactions etc. I'm pretty psyched should be fun. Love this job and love the talent so I'm all about going there to support and play my part. I overheard Serah, Aaralyn, Bre and Lucas say they were prob gonna skip out and not go. Fuckin bitches, you know you gotta job to do and its not like you got a choice anyway so I suggest you just suck it the fuck up and just deal. The shit is like a couple of hours, the least you can do is show up for one performance then do a couple of interviews to make it look like you actually give a shit. To me, that's just disrespectful to Q, Andrea, the rest of the 4 of us and everyone at the record company. But then again, I don't expect anything else from them really. they're selfish as hell and do whatever the fuck they want so if they wanna bitch and moan and ditch out tonight then by all means, let em. At least my ass wont get bitched out Monday hah..lataaa





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