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Day 63: Too Much to Take On

I love Bre to death but honestly this whole puking after every meal in OUR toilet esp, is just not ok with me...at all. The last thing I wanna do is gossip behind her back but I just can't deal with it anymore and don't know what else to do. Aaralyn and I have brought it up with her multiple times about how we think she needs to get helped and that we're genuinely worried but she always just seems to nod it off and change the subject. I don't get it. I feel uncomfortable just sitting here under the same household as her, while she does this to her body. As a house I think the 7 of us need to have an intervention, including the ones who aren't a fan of Bre, just so she knows that this shit is not ok. I wish producers or something would step in as well but it's not their duty technically. Ideally, I wanan get hold of her family back in louisiana and express my concern but I feel as though even that can be seen as me crossing the line and stepping over my boundaries. Therapy would also be the best thing for her too in my opinion. It's helped me get over shit SO MUCH and I feel so much better about myself and what happened a few wks ago and I just wish she knew how helpful it could potentially be. As her best friend in this house I'm just really worried and it's beginning to really affect me...

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