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Day 65: True Colors

You think you know someone until they're put in a vulnerable situation and their true colors show. At this moment, I still refuse to talk to Serah. The shit she said to me was so uncalled for and so fucking hurtful. I did not do anything to hurt anyone and it's not even like Nick and her are dating or in any kind of serious relationship. Last time I checked, he was single and free to do whatever he wanted. It was up to her to be the one to talk shit out with him on what they are and where they stand, not my business. All I know is that Nick and I were drunk and everyone was having a good time and we were just fucking around, then next thing you know she goes all ape shit on me. Well I did not fucking appreciate her saying the shit she did and I am not about to forgive. She crossed the line big time. I thought I knew Serah, and that she was bigger than that. I'd expect some petty shit like that from Faizahl or Jarrod but never her. All trust I ever confided in that bitch is so out the window. She is on the same level as those two to me and will remain there for a while. I don't even want to hear the but I was drunk excuse because the fucked up crap she said to me, had to have stemmed from somewhere in her mind for her to have said it aloud. What's said is said and if thats how she really feels then great. Like honestly you think you're gonna win over a dude's heart that way? yea ok. Oh well, I know who my true friends are after all of this. Continue to make fun of me for my health issues Serah, if it really makes you feel that much better about yourself. In my opinion it's pretty sad that you have to stoop so low. Just proves that you were nothing but a backstabbing ruthless bitch all along.




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