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Day 77: Trio Reunited!

Boo Doop, another sunday mornign, another fucking hangover. I swear Under One Roof has turned me into an alcoholic ahhh. Last night was awesome though! My friends Kellen and Drake are here visiting for a few days and came in yesterday evening so it's been a blast so far. The two of them, Mike, Aaralyn and I went to see The Kills in Lincoln Park which was fucking amazing, then after that, Luke joined and we went for drinks and dinner at Sal then hit up Slay. Was gonna hit up Crobar first but Mike is kinda blacklisted still so the bouncer wasn't thrilled when he came by to say the least lol, so we went to Slay instead then Flash. I drank..and drank...and drank some more. Seriously, when those two around, my liver quivers a little...SUCH a bad influence, but I love it. lol...we all had a lot of fun together! Seriously the most fun Ive had here in a while..today is gorgeous out. Think we're gonna head to the beach and have a few beers which should be nice. Don't you love how I'm hungover yet I'm all for drinking more? ! yea I do too ;)


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