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Day 77: Losing Patience

Serah and I are both in agreement that Faizahl is Actually THE nastiest bitch ever to live. I just don't get why you can't clean up your goddamn shit when youre finished using it?! Is it really that complicated? The downstairs bathroom are shared by Serah and I since we both have singles and no bathroom in our rooms. Faizahl has a bathroom in her bedroom that she shares with Jarrod. Can someone please tell me why the fuck she finds it ok to use our bathroom continually? Yea it's downstairs and more public than the rest but I figure everyone in the house had an understanding that it was kind of our bathroom since they all have shared bathrooms in their bedroom. I go in there a few minutes ago and the trashcan is full of used tissues, the toilet with her nasty ass used tampons is not flushed, theres make up like splattered on the sink as well as nailpolish and it smells like fucking cigarettes. What the hell?! I've told her numerous times to clean her shit up but of course it never sticks in that thick ass skull. Her and Jarrod are both dirty ass people who deserve each other. That bedroom smells like straight up Shit. It's so muggy and wreaks of nicotine and sweaty balls, fucking gag me. I can really REALLY do without the two of them in this house/in my life honestly. Which reminds me, I need to get my blouse back that I lent to that skank earlier this week. That shit better be dry cleaned and in top shape.

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