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Breanne's Final Words

I honestly cannot begin to write a novel here because as cheesey as this sounds im really sad and do not want this to end. I just feel so numb and empty and just lost I guess.. I came here thinking yea it'd be fun and that I'd make a friend or two but never expected to meet such amazing people. Yea we fought all the time and hated the shit out of each other at different points throughout this journey but honestly I would not trade it all in for the life of me. I could not have asked for a better group of people to share this experience with. To Fai and Jarrod especially I'm so sorry for all the shit I said and I how I treated you two and instead of being judgemental I should have taken the time to really know and appreciate you. I'm glad the 8 of us all became super close in the end though. It would have been shitty to leave on a bad note but in the last 2 weeks since France, we really became a family. I love these people so much! To Jarrod again, I thank GOD you are ok and healthy after the incident. I have never been SO fucking scared in my life!! I can just say I'm glad justice is served and that guy has been caught and gotten what he deserved. I'm just so happy you are alive and well and here with us today! Also Luke, my baby, I love you so SO much, thank you for being an AMAZING friend in this house!!! I COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU! You were my partner in crime throughout all the craziness for sure and I love you for that. I'd say you and I have really grown together since May and have really figured out who we are and how to effectively deal with various issues in our lives...and to Aary honestly thanks a lot for all the caring and compassion you shown to me even when I was resistent. Youve helped me deal with this eating disorder and pushed me to seek help and because of that I am doing SO much better til this day! I want you to know that I will continue on in bettering my health and lifestyle and that I love you for all you have done. To the rest of my roomies, you guys are awesome and I will forever remember you and keep in touch! All my love season 7




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