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Serah's Final Words

Since I've apparently come off as such a judgmental and self righteous jerk for a majority of the time here in Chicago, I want to take time out and just reflect on the good in each of my housemates:

Aary: Obvious best friend in the house, will remain amazing friends after today on forward, learned a shitload from you, you made me laugh, I really appreciated your presence in the house, you're wild, crazy and loud and just all around FUN, I love the shit out of you!

Luke: You southern hottie! haha, great listener, very loyal and open, true to yourself and who you are as a person which is so admirable, verrrrry sweet and caring, honest, positive energy and just very determined and hardworking! Love you boo!

Mikey: Funny funnnnny boy, you deserve your own sitcom! Down to earth, chill, big bro type! You and lauren are adorable together and I have nothing but the most respect for you and your morals in life!

Bre: Our rocky moments aside, I loved having you around in the house! you are very beautiful, smart, sassy and an amazing drunk hahah! I admire and applaud your journey and growth this summer and wish you all the best in continuing your path to being healthy. Continue to keep those boys drooling over you ;-)

Fai: We did not really get to know one another until the last couple weeks but even that I'm grateful for. The arguments were lame and petty and couldve been avoided. I love your high energy, optimistic outlook and approach to life, you're humorous carefree nature. I especially respected you in the whole incident with Aary and how you were the bigger one and allowed her to remain in the house..that took a lot of strength and heart and for that you are a good person :)

Nick: Oh nick, of course there had to be that one boy in the house that made me go nuts and make my emotions go flip flop but in the end I hate you. haha no, youre an awesome guy and
are incredibly intelligent, wise, witty and charming. Although we had awkward moments between us, I still value your friendship and hope to keep you in my life. keep making others smile!

Jar: Jarrod oh Jarrod..first and foremost I am very glad that you are alive and well and was able to make it through the trauma. I have grown to really like you and appreciate you. Yes we probably had the most differences and conflict in the house but in the end i finally got to see who Jarrod really is and where he is coming from. I just apologize for all the bad shit I said in the past and hopefully this could be a turning point. Just try and let people in more and be less abrassive and you will continue to go places and do great things!

This summer has been a life changing experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat. A quick thank you and appreciation to Q and Andrea for working with us at Windy city Records and really mentoring us. That job hands down was the most fun job ive EVER had and I really enjoyed it! I enjoyed it so much that I want to continue on in the music pr industry back in Nyc; truly rewarding! Thank everyone for supporting and seeking interest in our lives as well..even thanks to the assholes who made our lives here in Chicago a living hell; you ultimately made us stronger and helped make for more juicy moments for tv so you did more good than harm, lame asses...anyway for the final time, it's been fun!




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