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April 23rd, 2008

Matthais' Predictions On the New Cast


Matthais Locedo (Season 6, Montreal)

Hello out there, yes it's me AGAIN yea I know, you can't get rid of me. I swear I'm like fucking herpes or something, first I'm in Montreal, then back again in Reno now here I am once more haha but you love me ;) So Under One Roof wanted to get my input and thoughts on the new cast of season 7 and I agreed. They obviously think I'm smart and that my opinion matters HAH. So since the last time you saw me, which was literally like a month or so ago, I've FINALLY been able to just go back home to Ca and relax. I have not been able to have time to myself since before moving to Montreal so it's been realllllly relaxing. I'm sure many of you all are curious to know the status of my love life. Yes yes Jordyn and I are still currently dating, shocker huh! Yea, Matt in a long term committed relationship? yea sounds foreign as fuck to me as well haha but yea it is what it is and I wouldn't trade it in for anything. I love that girl as crazy as she is, I can't get enough ;) Also been in the process of starting up a restaurant business type deal with my good buddy Jayden and so far so good...have had great success recently and am getting ready to launch the first one sometime later this year, so keep a look out !! Alright so back to business, this new cast. Apparently the new season will be in Chicago? That can be cool...great city, lots of art, cool places, interesting people, calls for a good mix. The photos of the house are quite stunning as usual. God forbid UOR make them live in a normal middle class apartment haha noo what fun would that be? Gotta do it big. So after watching a first round of introductory interviews I sense a pretty hot season in the works. Honestly, I bet it will be like New York but 10 times the drama. I've never seen SUCH a clash of personalities before than these 8 hahaha and they have to live together?! Loving it. I'm gonna give you my thoughts and predictions and will not hold my tongue at all! Oh the enemies I will make after this post....FIrst Up is that Jarrod guy. Meat head! The I don't give a flying fuck type of guy that will drink beer and chill and fuck. I sense a short fuse in temper, a mentality similar to that of Devaun's in the sense that he's right and what he says goes. Newsflash buddy, you're not that special. This one will be surrounded by the drama. Next up is Aaralyn. Now I like her, she's young, witty, energetic, bright and just seems like fun. Can be a little much to handle and tends to run off at the mouth at times but I feel she means well. Her and Jarrod? Nope, CONFLICT for sure. Then there's Serah. She has a good head on her shoulders and takes pride in everything that she does. I sense a bitchy side for sure. Sweet on the outside but a firecracker on the inside. Another potential enemy of Jarrod. Her strong will and feminist confidence will rebel his arrogant machismo character and erupt like diarrhea. Next on the list is Mike. Now I am a fan of Mike already. He seems like a normal great guy who has a sense of humor and can care less what people think about him. Hell, I'd be friends with him. Some may call him boring since he's not as dramatic as the rest but I call it SMART. stay away dude, not worth it. Then there's Faizahl, UOR where the fuck did you find this chick? I wanna like her, I really do! But she's....she's Nuts. "I used to be lesbian until I was taken advantage of by a dude and now I like guys." Uh, Excuse me?! Yea, I can't make sense of her. She seems like she has a canon full of energy that can either get the party started or just send many running. I'm all for people being out there and loving life and just being carefree but as long as they have some kind of sanity left. I mean she will def. keep things exciting in the house, that's for sure. Her and Jarrod, match made in heaven. Also Serah's and Aaralyn's worse nightmare. Next up, Lucas...Lucas is that all american southern beefcake that the ladies will love. The twinkle in the eye, the dimples, that charming accent, you bastard! haha good kid, means well, will probably experience a huge culture shock living in Chicago. I see him and Mike really hitting it off. Then there's the 4th guy, Nick. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about Nick yet. I feel as though he's hiding something. Even watching his interview, it just seems like he's always up to something. He has that smug smirk on his face 24/7 too...I don't know...that one I need some time to figure out haha. He reminds me a lot of Liam from London, that kind of mystery man type. Last on the list is miss Breanne. Now Jordyn dear I love you, but I think UOR found your long lost twin. This girl is insane. Party animal is an understatement. If ever there is an empty bar table in Chicago please believe Brianne will be there to occupy it. I probably understood about 3 sentences out of the whole interview due to the fact that she was speaking at about 100 words per minute and just kept going on and on...and on. ahhhhh girl where'd you get all that energy. Maybe she can join the Jarrod and Faizahl crew and the three of them can form a club hated by many. I'm calling it now, those 3 will reign as drama pools. Overall the dynamic of this group will be really interesting and hella fun to watch lol...I'm geeked to see the outcome. Great job casting this season UOR ;) Who will get knocked up? Who will end up behind bars? Who will sell their body to pay their phone bill? DONT MISS THE PREMIERE OF SEASON 7 Coming May 17, 2008!!!



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