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May 20th, 2008

Day 4: Awesome Job!

Hello all, it's me Breanne. Just sitting here on my fat ass eating chips and salsa, doing a whole lotta nothing so decided I'd be productive and write one of these things. So as of now I'm pretty settled and situated as far as making Chicago my new home. Today was our first day of work, as ridiculous as that sounds seeing as though it is only the 3rd day haha but I mean I was pleasantly surprised. I really like the job we're gonna be involved in this summer. We are working at WC (windy city) Records, which is a pretty new record label here in Chicago which provides a platform for like local up and coming artists. I think thats SO much fun, sooo excited. We're gonna be working on putting together promo kits, booking gigs, helping out with recordings, CD production and best of all, gonna be doing some work involving Lalapalooza which is this huge music festival in Chicago in August....AHHHH! Such a great great job! Our bosses are Q and Andrea who both seem really cool so that's a relief. All of the roomates seem to be pretty enthused about this job so I feel like we can kick ass and really get a lot of good shit accomplished. Hopefully we can all work together, I mean I don't really see that being an issue. I wanna go to sleep so badly since I have to be up early but I can't sleep for shit. I passed out as soon as I got home from work, which was the worst idea ever, now I'm paying for it. Maybe I'll pop a sleeping pill in or something haha...yea, good idea.


Day 4: Fucking Pig

I honestly don't get how some people function in this world. I try to give everyone a chance, try to refrain from being judgmental, but some people just make it fucking impossible. Faizahl and Jarrod, prime example. Faizahl, whatever, she's loud and a bit obnoxious but I clash more with Jarrod. He's just SO inconsiderate and rude. I've never had to deal with anyone like that let alone live under the same roof. Trust me, if I had any say whatsoever, I'd have shit to do with him, but no, Under One Roof of course just loooves putting people together that are just oh SO compatible ha oy. Like for example, today at work, while we were all going around and introducing ourselves and talking about our interests in music, he wouldnt shut the hell up. While someone else was speaking, he'd take it upon himself to joke and giggle with Faizahl then add his two cents in and talk over that person. SO bizarre..Q had to tell him to chill out a few times even, like what the fuck dude have some manners. Not only is he rude but he's also a pig. Yea, as you can see he doesn't get the concept of putting shit away after you use it. Egg shells, empty milk cartons, cereal boxes, dirty bowls, all over the counter. It's a nice place and youre already screwing it up! He loves to drink soda directly from the bottle as well as burp and fart frequently. This is what I have to live with. God help me. I can't hold my tongue for much longer. I already got annoyed enough to say something tonight, I can only imagine in a few more wks. I see major tension there.




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