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May 22nd, 2008

Day 6: Mixed Signals

Home from a long but productive day at work. Today did a lot of calling artists, booking gigs, typing stuff into the computer, and sending out important e mails, so kinda tired. But it's so beautiful outside, fucking finally! It's been raining all wk so it's nice to actually see sun. Kind of starving right now, haven't had time to eat all day except like a granola bar and yogurt forever ago. Serah, Luke and myself decided to go out and have a cute dinner at Delacosta so that should be fun. I still can't really read Luke that well. He keeps giving me SUCH mixed signals. One min we're all over each other and then the next he's a bit stand offish. I know we've only known each other for like 6 days now and I'm not expecting him to profess his love to me or anything like that but I just feel like he's going back and forth and playing games. Like dude, are you into me or not? I'm not trying to rush things at all nor did I come into this house with the expectations to hook up with a roomate but c'mon lol...You're fucking hot and you keep making out with me when we're drunk, what the hell am I supposed to do?? But when I try and pursue him other times, he like tenses up and gives me the whole "oh i like you but I don't wanna mess things up" bit. I mean thats fine but stick to your word. I'm trying to have self control and not take it there but he's so goddamn cute. He's like a fucking greasy cheeseburger when you're on a strict calorie diet....NO GOOD. But whatever, who knows where the hell that'll go lol. I won't push anything on him anymore. K, well going to grab a quick shower then head off...XX




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