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May 29th, 2008

Day 13: Off to a Bad Start

And so begins the petty fights and arguments over dumb shit lol. Aaralyn and Serah need to realize Jarrod is his own person and aint about to change for anyone, especially 2 girls he's met like a week and half ago. I admit, they have valid points and have a right to be pissed off at him but in all honestly it IS his house too and as much as it sucks, he's entitled to do whatever the fuck he wants just as long as it doesn't harm anyone else in the house. The two of them have to also learn how to approach people in a less confrontational way and to just chill out some. That whole blow up at work today could have been prevented if it wasn't for Serah making smart comments egging Jarrod on, and then Aaralyn and Lucas feeding off of her and adding their 2 cents. Theres just a time and place for that shit and work is not the place. I'm just so pass drama and want nothing to do with it at all. Like Jarrods a cool dude imo and I personally have no problems with him so I wanna like keep a friendship with him separate from all the shit in the house. Aaralyn and Serah can be cool girls also but the two of them together I feel is bad news and they make it harder and harder for anyone to like them. Not rushing too quick to judgement but I can't deal with their attitudes. They're like a couple of highschool chicks who thrive on drama and confrontation and that is 100% everything I'm against. I just wanna chill the fuck out and have fun in Chicago man!!! lol...Life is to fucking short.




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