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June 4th, 2008

Day 19: People in Chicago are FUCKED UP

Dude people in Chicago are fucking brutal. So the 8 of us are pretty much unwelcomed in this city. It all started a few days ago with that blog. Jarrod, Fai and Bre were the first targeted due to that incident the first night where Jarrod got into that fight. Apparently the guy he fought like rallied up his people and word spread and now there are all these lame threats about how the 3 of them fucking suck and how if they were spotted on the street again, they'll get their ass whooped and all this other crazy shit. My God! Then the next incident was today involving our van. We're at work, everything's cool until we leave and go to the van and it has toilet paper all over and marker all over the glasses saying "get the fuck out of our city you cunts." This shit is so bizarre, like c'mon what the hell did we do? So now we have to have extra added security and body guards as we venture out as a group which is very lame but it is for our own safety so thats cool. I just hate that I can't go out and enjoy Chicago without constantly worrying if I'm gonna get mugged or anything like that. All of you need to BACK THE HELL OFF and do your own thing and let us do ours. I feel it's just jealousy. On the blog locals were saying how we're coming into their city and giving it a bad name and how we're rude and disrespectful and are trashy attention seeking whores. haha oh right, and by you all writing this shit on a blog and vandalizing our vehicle is completely legit? Bullshit. Bring it on.




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