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June 12th, 2008

Day 27: The Crackwhore Wanted to Get Hurt

The people in this city are completely fucking psycho. First the blog threats, then the fights in clubs, and now the incident today where that bitch threw the receipt at my head lol, what the hell. For those of you who missed this little event, let me recap for you haha. Ok so, Breanne and I are walking away from the drug store and I have the receipt in my hand that I obviously didn't want, so I simply threw it on the street. Ok, I know it's littering but there was no trashcan nearby and i did not think it was that big of a deal. So next thing you know this woman who looked like a straight up crackwhore comes up to us, picks up the receipt, hands it to me, and is like here you dropped this. I thought she was being nice so I responded in a polite manner, oh thanks but I don't need it and proceed to walk away. This bitch takes the receipt and whips it at my head. I'm like excuse me?! And throw it right back at her eye loll...At this point she's like cursing and going insane and I'm not about to back down from her crazy ass so Breanne is like trying to drag me away and like avoid conflict while one of the bodyguards was calming the crackwhore down. lmao....Only in Chicago, like what the hell?! People are on some crazy shit here! No matter how much you try to do your own thing and go about your own business they just have to start something. Well you all better just get used to us, since we're here for another 2 and a half months.


Day 27: I Can't Take the Snoring!

I can't sleep for shit. Faizahl snores so goddamn loud, it's amazing anyone in this house can sleep. I know she can't help but oh my god, take some freakin medication or something, ugh. It sucks because I already had problems sleeping earlier, then finally drifted off to sleep, then all I hear is intense hog like snoring. I can't take it, and I have to be up at fucking 8. I'm the type of person that needs at least 7 hours of sleep or else I'm a complete bitch in the morning; yep so much for that. I think I'm just gonna sleep here in the lounge tonight if I want any sleep at all. Something's gotta give though because I'm sure as hell not about to sleep in the lounge every night. Either she buys some damn pills or like gets some kind of sleep therapy because I cannot deal with it, it's REALLY annoying. I think Nick is still awake, I thought I heard him out on the deck, so I'll probably go hang out with him for a bit. What the hell, I'm already wide awake, might as well..ugh. Goodnight x




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