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June 13th, 2008

Day 28: I Feel Bad For You B...So Pathetic.

Just arrived in Detroit about 45 mins ago and I'm pooped. We're here in Detroit until Monday for this wknd long concert/festival type thing for up and coming artists to perform and showcase their talent. Q and Andrea thought it'd be a good place for us to come and scout out some new talent for the record label so that's what we're here to do. They split us into two teams, to see which group can seek out the most new artists so it's been turned into a little competition; don't know what the prize is until we get back though but I know I'm gonna work my ass off this wknd lol. My team fucking blows though...seriously, Lucas, Serah, and Breanne..kill me now. I was cool with Breanne until about 2 days ago. Ever since her bitching at me at work yesterday for snoring then for fucking blaming me for not doing my job, I've had enough. She's changed since the first couple of weeks. She used to be so chill and we'd go out and have fun but ever since hanging out with the bitch crew, she's been brainwashed, Ha typical. Whatever, that's fine I'm not forcing her to be my friend but don't think you're gonna bitch at me and get away with it. It's whatever if you're frustrated for getting no sleep due to my snoring but bitch, it's not like I do it on purpose. She finally bought some earplugs like I suggested last night so now she can get off my damn back. It's just awkward living in the same room as her now...I can feel the tension. She does her thing, has minimal convo with me, huffs and puffs, then like slams doors. I swear that girl has issues. If you have a fucking problem with me, just be grown about it and approach me instead of acting like a goddamn child. She's acting exactly like Serah and Aaralyn; god forbid we need another one. All I know is that, these 3 better not ruin my chances this weekend. I did not ask to be in a team with them, was completely random, so lets just do what we came here to do and be done with it. I can give a shit about the whole bonding happy go lucky group bullshit, I rather slit my throat with razor blades. I just want to win and show Q and Andrea that I mean business and that's it.




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