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June 16th, 2008

Day 31: We Gonna Win Fools

Bahh jus gettin back to the hotel after goin out with the team. I'm tellin you I really feel 100% confident that we're gonna win this thing. In the past 2 days we've sought out a good 10 artists or so which is huge. Not sure how many the other team came up with since they obvi wont tell us but I doubt its 10 lol, especially after hearin about all of their drama and bullshit HA feel so bad for fai. Sucks, but glad my team and I were able to pull together and get shit done. Best tactic ever on Aaralyn's part was to go out with them at night and just chill and party and show em we mean business as well as fun so it was a good way to kinda break the ice and seel the deal. A lot of good talent though; one of my favs was this one kat, Lunar from Philly who is an amazing rapper. Dude can flow like no other and has so much to say. I seriously get chills whenever I hear him spit so I think Q and Andrea are gonna be happy with that find especially. But all of the artists had talent and have good shit to show so I'm pretty impressed. This wknd overall has been so much fun, one of the best wknds here so far. Love the vibe here in Detroit, a lot better than Chicago. Also grew closer to a few of my housemates which is cool especially since a few wks ago I thought i had nothin in common with any of them and wanted out. But Aaralyn, Mike and Nick are cool, good people and mean well. We were able to leave the bullshit back home and just get shit done and it was a success. The other team on the other hand, nonstop conflict since we fucking got here friday night. What else do you really expect though when you have Serah and Lucas on your team? You're asking for trouble right there. But seems like a lot of the tension is with Fai and Bre which is surprising to esp since the two of them were tight. At the beginning the three of us were kinda a close unit and chilled a lot so it kinda sucks to see the two of them hating each other, but with chicks anything is possible. It's just a matter of time before Serah brainwashed Bre; I still think she's fucking sexy though :/ lol. Aight, I'm off to bed, had a long day...lata




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