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June 22nd, 2008

Day 37: Enough Of Your Shit

THANK GOD I GOT THAT BITCH OUT OF MY FUCKING ROOM!! I swear to God I was 2 steps from murdering that girl. Having Faizahl and Luke switch rooms was probably the best idea that a human has ever thought of. I get along with him SO much more and we actually have fun unlike her where I literally felt like I was walking to my death every time I entered my own bedroom. Her shutting off my alarm clock and making me miss my dentist appointment fucking did it. As you can see I went a little ballistic lol but fuck you would too if some bitch touched your shit and caused you to miss an important appointment. Thanks to her, I have to wait another month now to get a cleaning since everything else is booked, cunt. She claims that it was going off for an hour and that she "tried hard" to wake me up and that I ignored but that is all SUCH a crock of shit. I know for a fact that my ass is not that deep of a sleeper and that I will awake to almost anything. Of course she's lying to save her sorry ass from looking like the one at fault which is so typical Faizahl. Just like she couldn't wake me up the first day of work making me 4 hours late...yea, ok. That's why I don't believe her for one second. She deserved to get bitched out and boy did it feel good haha. I can finally enjoy my time here with a new roomate thank God. Jarrod and Faizahl can live together now and feed off of each other's dickhead ways. Jarrod has also lost my respect after throwing a tantrum when Matt and Lucas were in bed together. What the fuck dude, it's not like they were fucking right in front of your eyes. They were both clothed, under the covers, just cuddling and talking. God forbid Luke have company in his own bedroom. And even IF they were to fuck, what is it to you?! As if you ever respect and take into consideration the feelings and comfort of anyone else in this house! Yea you can have a fucking threesome in MY bedroom but it's a crime to have two guys simply lying in the same bed. Ha, You're such a fucking homophobic tool.


Day 37: Haha...I'm Boring....and Lame..

Not doing anything productive right now, haven't written a blog entry in weeks either, so why not now? I know you all live for my entries so why not give yall what you want. Haha...Unfortunately this post isn't exactly about my life at the moment. Nope. As a matter of a fact, it's a post highlighting how welcoming and warm people here in Chicago are toward the 8 of us lol. So I was looking over the Chi Town City Blog and came across a rather interesting blog entry targeting myself and the other housemates. Apparently some people feel the need to express their love to the public. Check it:

"The Demise Of a Once Decent City

These little Under One Roof fucks are ruining the city of Chicago. The bad publicity, their antics, cameras and sleazy camera men EVERWHERE, Go the fuck home. Under One Roof Chicago, an experiment documenting 8 spoiled attention whore fame seeking brain dead kids inhabiting and ruining an awesome city. These people have no respect whatsoever. They come here thinking they’re entitled to do whatever the fuck they so please. They parade up and down these streets followed by cameras 24/7 with a “I’m better than you” attitude. No wonder everyone in this city hates your ass. You have your typical badass frat boy who goes around trying desperately to lay down some lame ass game to pick up females. Loud, ignorant, belligerent just plain Dumb. I promise someone will shut him the fuck up very soon. He seems to always be followed around by some Indian chick covered in tattoos who seems to be his female counterpart. Once again loud, obnoxious, and just plain gross. Bitch looks like she’s sucked her fair share of cock and won’t hesitate to suck some more for a little extra cash. There are the two blondes. The one with the shorter hair I don’t see as much, but the one with the long blonde hair is your typical trash slut. Don’t get me wrong, I’d fuck her, but that’s all she’s really good for, a place for my dick. The 4th girl, if I hear her fucking drunk ass screaming in another club or on the street one more time, I swear I’ll give the bitch something to scream about. Do us all a favor and shut your high pitched mousey ass voice up. The other 3 guys are all boring, boring boring ZZZZZZZ. No personality, followers, lame. Isn’t there a token gay? Token pretty boy …would love nothing more to smash that pretty face to pieces. You all suck and are a waste of space. Under One Roof fucking sucks. Just cancel the show, the 8 of you can waddle back to your small hick towns and leave Chicago the FUCK ALONE.

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June 22, 2008"

Dude, whoever you are, just get over it. We're here now, and will be here for a while and if you're not a fan, simply avoid. Not that hard. I can only hope not the whole city feels this way, although I'm sure a good 50% does haha. I have met some cool people in Chicago thus far so I beg to differ. Word of advice to JjHillman0, try speaking for yourself rather than for an entire city. Are you the mayor of Chicago or something? Didn't think so. Also, try getting to know people on a personal basis before passing retarded judgment. In the end, you look like the ignorant fool, not Jarrod. Don't even know why I'm bothering to rebut or give this sad person the attention and satisfaction that he is desperately seeking. Later




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