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June 30th, 2008

Day 45: Thank Heavens!

This past weekend has been the most bizarre weekend ever! First of all I'm just SO thankful Luke is alive!! He disappeared over the weekend; Saturday after he went out to some event for gay pride with Matt and the two like got split up somehow later on in the evening. Matt came back here and was like panicking saying he couldn't find him anywhere then we were all trying to call his cell and it was off. No one knew where the fuck he was at all and was worried shitless. We figured he'd show up at the house later that night or even Sunday, but even Sunday, no sign of him. It got to the point where Nick and I went to fill out a police report just to be safe. Even this morning, he was nowhere to be found and we were all still worried, especially since we had work. We all came back at like 5 pm and there he was in his bedroom asleep. We woke him the fuck up and like basically kissed his ass for being alive still lol, oh my god I have never been sooooo scared. I honestly thought he was kidnapped or more or less dead. He was acting a bit weird however. Like kinda creeped out, and just really suspicious and confused and like i don't know just bizarre. He barely remembers what happened but the gist was he was at a party with a group of guys then ended up some club then after the club went to an apt not too far from work and like doesn't recall the rest. Apparently the apt was owned by 2 of the guys he met prior and they were having some pride afterparty and like now he's convinced he took a lot of drugs and passed out. He's freaking out and is concerned he had sex with someone since he said his ass was hurting but he does not really recall. I don't know this whole thing sounds so fucked up...hopefully he'll remember more as time progresses? But he is on his way to the E.R now to just go get examined and I'm about to go with him, so I'll catch you all later.




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