August 5th, 2008

Day 79: Enough Of the BULLSHIT

2 days after that whole incident and Aaralyn has been allowed to come back to the house after stayin in a hotel to get away from the situation. Today the producers stepped in and informed me that today i had to make a decision on whether or not I wanted to allow her to stay in the house for the remainder of the show. Just to reflect, that little fucking cunt had no right to lay a finger on me. Granted I lost her blouse, I told her I'd keep looking for it or pay her back for it. I wasn't doubting the price, I just find it hard to believe someone would pay that much money for an article of clothing. But no, instead she decided to go fucking psycho and freak the hell out. Honestly, because I know I am on the shit and fighting is not allowed, I held myself back as much as i could and let her throw the first punch. After that moment I knew the bitch was already in danger of being kicked out of the house so I knew I could fucking attack back so that I did and the rest is history. I was just defending myself; I am not the one who started the whole bullshit, she did. As you can see I was speaking and acting in a calm and collected manner. In any other setting, there was NI WAY IN HELL I would have sat there for as long as I did and let her talk to me that gotta be fucking joking. That little girl just better consider herself SO lucky, trust me. At this point im pretty torn on my decision. Obviously I would love to see her gone and not to deal with the bitch ever again, but at the same time I'ma firm believer of karma and that she will get hers no matter where she is in life so her leaving or staying wouldn't really make a difference. I don't know, I wanna talk to Jarrod about everything. We have to have a group meeting this evening to lay everything out on the table and that's where I'll make my decision. Ugh the drama NEVER ends...I'm over this shit.

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