August 10th, 2008

Day 84: Nick Babble..

I think this is probably my first ever drunk post throughout this whokle thing, let alone like my second post...yea they were on my ass for not postig more so I figure I'll just mega post in the last couple of weeks to shut em up tonight was cool..the 8 of us for first time in months went out as a whole and partied..hit up both Enclave and REDkiva. Both places were cool, despite the usual anti UOR bullshit, we were able to have fun. I drank way too much fro not eating much today so I decided to cut it kinda short and head back home with Aary. So now I'm here ..and kinda horny won't lie...HAH Aaralyn's here too...hmm., joke, joking but some female companionship, naked, sounds kinda ideal right now can't lie. I hope Mike is out getting hammered to clear his mind for a lil bit about this whole pregnancy stuff. I feel bad, I cant imagine having that tough deciison on whether or not to keep the baby. My heart goes out to both him and lauren but I know in te end theyll make the best decision for the both of them. I just want him to be happier at least, or try, since our days here are numbered. Kinda miss the goofy sarcastic cunt Mike ahaha but like I said I understand his stress currently and def feel sympathetic. Kids Wear those condoms and wear them good! Learn a lesson haha..ok I feel nauseous

Nicky Poo
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WHATTTTTTTUPPPP SON! Woke up this morning, had NO clue what was in store...we got that BELOVED doorbell ring at approx 9! Mike, Nick and myself were eating breakfast in the kitchen and heard it then looked at each other mad puzzled, like who the fuck is that at the door at this time? Then LITERALLY in a matter of 2 secs the three of us turn from puzzled to complete happiness, im talkin complete Cheeessinn, cuz we knew what was in store. So I go to open the door and there are 8 Medium sized packages with our names on em and Im like FUCKKK YEAAAAA BITCH! Immediately Aaralyn makes a mad dash to the foyer cuz she musta heard the bell and knew what was in store too hahahahahaha funniest shit ever!! I never seen her move that fast lol. After calling out to the rest of the housemates we all opened the packages at the same time and I can say I'm the happiest mothafucka in the World right now. SOUTH OF FUCKIN FRANCE HERE I COME!!!! Ahhhhhhh SO SO SO nice over there, could they pick a better destination?!??!?!?!?!? UOR hooked us up pretty big this season LoL...first a dope job, NOW an even doper vacation...I'm pretty set hahaha. So we literally leave tonight at midnight so our asses got all day to pack and be up and outty...Dont warn me twice shit, going to pack NOW!!! lol, lata

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