August 21st, 2008

Day 95: Reflections on France

Ay Yo, first blog since being back from beautiful south of france. So basically if you've never been, go to right this minute and book a ticket asap because that shit is truly unbelievable. SO GORGEOUS! Everything looks like it was painted and untouched, just simply amazing! We got back like 2 days ago Tuesday morning; surprisingly not jet lagged or anything like that and the flights were pretty bearable to my surprise. But yea, we stayed in an awesome hotel called Helios in Cote de'Azur (with the exception of Jarrod halfway through) where we once again were spoiled with all kind of free shit and services. UOR knows how to treat a man right!! But yea, throughout the course of the vacation we went to other parts of the South of France like St. Tropez and Cannes and did a whole lot of FUN FUN shit like tan at the nude beaches, go shopping, go to museums, attended crazy a list celeb filled parties, went wine tasting, ate at top of the line restaurants and more! Although I had a GREAT time, there were def moments where I was over it. As you all are well aware, mid way though our vacation shit got Very shaky among us and tensions and conflicts just couldnt cease any longer. Jarrod and I especially almost resorted to blows after a huge blowout involving Luke and a bunch of other crazy shit. At the time I wanted to fucking destroy Jarrod but now I can def say we're cool again and shit's back to normal. Thanks to that 2 day group intervention/therapy session, I think for the first time the 8 of us are all on fairly good terms. Much better than it was before. It sounded cheesey as hell and annoying prior but after the bonding/emotional activities that we had to partake in, I think we all took a lot out of it. Everyone was able to get all of their stress and feelings out in the open and just for once discuss it in an orderly manner without ripping each other to shreds. Now we're all civil and for once there is a sense of serenity in this fucking house lol...better later than never right?! But yea, overall dude the vacation was SWEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Under One Roof!

Nicky Boy
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